Smp climb 26″

Smp climb 26″


The sturdy frame and double suspension make Climb 26 "the ideal companion for many adventures.

You can pay the product online and ask for the expedition,
or make payment when picking up in store
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Technical features

The Smp climb 26 ″ has the steel frame and this ensures a robustness unmatched

I dual shock absorbers allow to overcome all obstacles and ensure maximum comfort

The change a 21 relationships allows you to tackle the most demanding climbs.

The Smp climb 26 ″ is a bicycle suitable for children from 11 years old circa.



TELAIO: Hi Ten h. 42
FORK: Cushioned
+ BRAKE LEVER: Aluminum "v"
GEAR: Shimano TY21
CONTROLS: Shimano Revo
Free Wheel: Shimano
WHEELS: Aluminum silver

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