Montana E-Jet ctb lady

Montana E-Jet ctb lady


e-Bike, your ideal partner for the city

Exercise is an important part of our daily life, but sometimes the path to work could be challenging or hilly. The Montana E-Jet ctb lady is perfect for your needs. All bikes are ready to be equipped.

Shipping costs of 30 euros per bike. Free for amounts over € 1,000.
For bikes from 12 "to 16" the cost is 20 Euros.
Delivery time 1-2 working days.
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Technical features

The Shimano mid-engine makes the Montana E-Jet ctb lady smoother and more drivable, and thanks to the 3 levels of assistance you choose how much effort you save. This Shimano Steps E5000 motor is one of the most reliable on the market. Its compact shape integrates perfectly into the Montana E-Jet ctb lady model making it the ideal solution to switch from muscle bikes to e-bikes with a sporty spirit.

Batteria 418 w for a range of up to 125km.

The ebike has 3 levels of assistance, which allows you to choose how much effort to save and have a very smooth ride.

The Display Shimano EC S5000 is easy, intuitive and with all the information of the battery and the ride

The 28 ″ wheels with the low frame and the predisposition to the rear basket make it suitable for city use or for simple walks. Being also equipped with a suspension front fork e hydraulic disc brakes it will make walking more comfortable.

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Frame: Aluminum 6061
Fork: rst neon ML
Brakes: Tektro M275 160
Change: Shimano Acera 8V
Command: Shimano revo
Engine: Shimano E5000 250W
Lights: front and rear battery
Battery: Shimano 418 Wh
Display: Shimano SC E-5000

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